January 23 – My 30th Birthday


So this is it. As of 6:12 this morning, I am 30 years old. Honestly, I’ve spent the last few days feeling a little depressed. Not for any particular reason really. It just seems like I’ve been in my 20s forever and I’m sad they’re over. Don’t get me wrong, I know 30 isn’t old, but it’s the oldest I’ve ever been.

I will say I’m interested to see where this year takes me. Maybe 30 will be the year where it all happens for me. Maybe this is the year we find that house, or have that kid, or get that job. Or maybe none of those things happen and I cruise through this year without making any significant changes to my life or who I am and end up exactly where I started.

In either case, I really am looking forward to the journey, and thanks for taking it with me.


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