January 30-Weird Wednesday


I’m going to start a feature every Wednesday where I reveal some weird fact or eccentricity about myself, and believe me I have more than enough of them to fill up the year. So without futher ado, here’s my first Weird Wednesday post.

Anyone who knows me knows I love telling stories. I practice them, I work on the right descriptive language, the right turn of phrase to get the point across or make people laugh. Each time I tell a story I tell it a little bit differently, moving this phrase there or getting a better “economy of words” so I can convey the same meaning with the fewest amount of unnecessary words. I fancy myself as sort of a comedian, so the sooner I can get to the funny bits of a story the better. That’s not the weird part, though.

The weird part is the games I play in conversation to keep myself on my toes. My favorite one to play comes when I want to convey how bad something smells. I try to string together the most horrid imagery to get my point across – from rot and decay to mold and body odors – with the caveat that the last phrase in my chain of grotesquities must be “and feet.” For example, “That dumpster smells like burning hair, moldy underarms and feet.” I’ll spare you from any more smelly soliliquies and hope you get my point.

No one else knows, or could ever tell on their own, that I play this little word game. I try to make it different each time, it’s usually not around the same person, so no one could possibly ever “keep score” about the phrases I use or re-use, or fault me for not being as clever this stinky time as last time. Yet I HAVE to play this game in conversation if for no other reason than to just keep myself entertained. I have a few word-play games I drop in conversation which I’ll talk about later, but “…and feet” is certainly one of my favorites, as well as proof to myself that I am insane. Seriously, does anyone else out there do anything even remotely like this? I hate to think I’m the only crazy person out there.

Thanks for joining me for the first in my series of odd personal trivia, and I hope to see you next time for Weird Wedbesday!


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