February 6-Weird Wednesday


Time for another Weird Wednesday post! Read on to find out what a frickin nutjob I am.

Last week I wrote about how I’ve been getting into cocktails lately. I’ve been researching the history of classic cocktails, trying to build up my bar supplies, and reading articles and watching YouTube videos about cocktail creation and culture almost to the exclusion of anything else. You see, I’m obsessive. Not in the Howard Hughes way, but sometimes I’ll get ahold of a subject and not let go like a dog around a fallen pot roast.

This isn’t the first time I’ve urelentingly obsessed about something. Some of my past endeavours, some of which are still going strong, include advertising, movie production, beer, food blogs, world records, pickling, The Matrix, anime, baking cookies, and the list goes on.

Let me point out that none of my obesessions have ever been particularly helpful. They may involve helpful things, but I either lose interest after a while or over-obsess to the point where no one wants to hear about it anymore. The best example of this is also one of my earliest predilections and one I’m still proud of to this day. If I watch any episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (the best one, btw) for roughly 5 seconds, I can usually tell you which episode it is. Seriously, I’ve even tested it! Sometimes it only takes me 2 seconds and I could tell you the episode title, the entire plot, name any guest stars. I could even tell you the order in which the starring cast would appear in the credits. They went by Starfleet rank starting with Captain Picard and moving down, so depending on which season I’m watching, staffing changes, promotions, transfers, and deaths by amorphous blobs would affect the opening credits.

See? More information than a rational person should have and adding no real value to anyone or anything. I’m not sure how these things start or how to make better use out of them, but rest assured that if you need someone to recommend a good cocktail, decode an infomercial or explain why The Oracle was the real hero of The Matrix movies, you know where to find me.


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