February 14-Valentine’s Day


I’m never sure how I should feel about Valentine’s Day. I love my wife and I like treating her like a queen, plus I like getting all tarted up myself and doing something fancy and/or romantic. But sometimes Valentine’s Day just seems forced to me. All of us are supposed to have these mind-blowingly romantic experiences each and every year and every moment has to be spectacular and perfect. I haven’t done the math on this, but I’m guessing the odds are against us here.

Plus, as I hear from unprepared men each year, isn’t every day supposed to be like Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t I always treat my wife like a queen? I shouldn’t need peddlers of chocolate-covered strawberries, candy hearts, Lifetime movies and florists to tell me to show love and affection to my wife. And isn’t the truer sentiment the random gift, the “just because” flowers, the “I-just-happened-to-be-thinking-of-you-when-I-saw-this” diamond tiara?

But that’s just the thing: no one is that thoughtful or appreciative all the time. As commercial as it is, we need days like Valentine’s to remind us how precious the people we love are. If it wasn’t for holidays like this I may never remember to do that something special to show her I love her. Religions and cultures all throughout time have done this, which is why we celebrate things like Christmas and Easter in the first place. We remember who we are, where we’ve come from, and what’s important.

I didn’t plan anything exotic for us to do tonight, but I did go out and find some awesome cheese I know she’ll like (she likes it funky) and some interesting wine to pair. Afterwards we’ll meet some good friends for a drink and some merriment. The important thing for me is not to have the most face-meltingly incredible night of all time, but to remind myself, and her, that I love her the most.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jackie! You’re my favorite and I love you the most!!!


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