April 12-Little Lotte


I got a text at about 11:30 am on the 11th saying my sister-in-law was dilated a certain amount and her baby would be here any minute. I spent the rest of the day checking my phone about once a minute and expecting that call to run to the hospital to see the brand-new baby. I’m also guessing her husband, parents and sisters were doing the same thing, except they were there with her and I was at work. As it should be.

Anywho, I waited by the phone all night, but alas, no baby yet, so I went to bed. At 12:02 am this morning we woke to the news that Lotte was finally born. There is something special about anticipating the birth of a baby, and with an added twist in this case since her parents wanted her gender to be a surprise. There’s also something special about seeing a person who was just a friend or family member yesterday transform into a parent. Seeing them hold their baby, talk to them, feed them, watch them as they sleep let’s you know they are different know, but somehow exactly the same. It’s a special gift to be a parent, and a mystical bond I can’t begin to comprehend.

Not only am I blessed with my own family, I’m blessed with a very extended family that calls me their brother and allows me to be an uncle to a beautiful baby girl. Welcome to the world, Little Lotte. We’ve been waiting for you


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