This blog will chronicle my first year in my 30’s. I’ll talk about getting older/not being a kid any more, the differences of being 30 vs 20, and also just what I go through in this year. I’ll try my best to be transparent, honest and personal about what’s going on and what I’m going through without pissing anyone off too badly, and also show just how big a weirdo I am.

I have no delusions of importance that anyone would care about anything going on in my life, I guess this is more for me than anyone else. But hopefully someone else will enjoy this or be able to give some insight into what it’s like being 30.

I’ll begin on my 30th birthday, January 23, and end a year later when I turn 31. Why take pictures of my bedhead, you ask? Why not?! I’ve been told over the years that I have the absolute craziest bedhead anyone’s seen every single morning. Each day it’s a little different, like snowflakes, and what better way to chronicle my first year in my 30’s than displaying my ever-receding hairline?


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